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The importance of professional headshots for small business owners

The importance of professional headshots for small business owners

Created on:

February 6, 2017
Philip Marklew


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Business owner headshots help to add a layer of personality to your small business and if done right they can help to attract the right kind of customer to you. You might be thinking that because you have a semi-decent camera on your smart phone, you can take a quick shot of yourself, paste it onto your business materials and it will do the job. The truth is this could end up harming your business as potential customers might be put off by the lack of care and attention you've put into looking professional.

Having been running A Tiny Village now for more than 2 years without a professional headshot to speak of, I figured it was about time to rectify this situation. Finding a great photographer was at the top of my priority list as I've found in the past, I'm not the most photogenic of people. I was lucky in the fact that a friend of mine, Vivienne Court, happens to be a great photographer and she was the obvious choice.

The photoshoot

I have to say, I've never had a professional photo taken of me in my life so I really didn't know what to expect when the day of the shoot rolled around. Thankfully Vivienne had prepared me before hand and had given me pointers on what clothes to wear and the types of locations we would be heading to in order to get the perfect shot.

From start to finish Vivienne was great. She helped me to be as relaxed as possible whilst also telling me exactly how to hold myself as each photo was being taken.

Once all 80+ photos had been taken, Vivienne set about narrowing them down to the best shots which she promptly sent to me in an email. From these I was able to choose my favourites which I will then use on my social pages and some business materials.

If you are in the market for a great corporate headshot for your small business, then I can whole-heartedly recommend Vivienne Court to make the whole experience fun and get you results that speak for them self.

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