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Making your website stand out from the crowd : design ideas

Making your website stand out from the crowd : design ideas

Created on:

October 25, 2016
Philip Marklew


small business website design

When thinking about having a website created, it is best to have a couple of ideas in mind so that you know exactly what it is you want. We offer our very own web design services to ensure that both you and your customers are satisfied with the way that your website looks and works, however it is always good to think ahead. Websites are a crucial aspect of online marketing; therefore it is important to get it just right for you.

Here are a couple of ideas to think about to make the best decisions for your website design.


Initially, it is always best to make a plan of what it is you hope to achieve out of your web design. Jotting ideas down on paper or a whiteboard helps to see your ideas visually before making any solid decisions.


Colours are one of the fundamental aspects of your website in order create its identity and overall look. Bold, brash colours are great for titles and small amounts of text, however shouldn't used in large capacities, as it may become overwhelming for the user. Opt for more neutral shades to satisfy the user experience, as well as looking a lot more professional too.


Think hard about the type of logo you hope to use, as this will be a major aspect of branding and online marketing. Keep it simple and recognisable, without too much unnecessary detail.


When thinking about photographs, always use a professional photographer or camera to avoid your website looking amateurish. There is nothing worse than grainy, undefined photographs that could spoil the whole look. Opt for photographs that appeal to the customer and spark curiosity to keep them browsing through your website.


Although fancy fonts may make a website appear more appealing, they are not practical. It is a must to keep fonts as simple as possible so that they can be read on all devices, from laptops to smartphones and even tablets. There is nothing worse than clicking on a website and not being able to read the text.

If you need website design services, contact A Tiny Village today to see how we can help you implement all the above areas to create a website that is both visually stunning and effective at marketing your business well.

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