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How great website design is crucial for converting your users

How great website design is crucial for converting your users

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November 11, 2016
Philip Marklew


Lead generation, user conversion, small business websites

When you consider that the majority of your website visitors are not quite ready to move from a maybe to a definite, it becomes clear that helpful and aesthetically pleasing website design is a huge factor in that conversion. 

In today's competitive environment of selling online, your visitors are much more demanding and shopping savvy - it's much easier to compare your service or product to your competitors when you're online and so your website needs to not only be easy to be found on Google but it has to have great functionality and it has to be user-friendly. Here are three top tips to ensure that your website design makes the user journey from a prospect to a purchaser:

1. Properly designed CTAs

Your website needs to have strong calls to action directing your user to their destination - completing their goal, whether that be to get in contact with you or to purchase a service or product. Great website design will have that call to action in a bold colour, positioned in a place for optimal viewing, and above the fold of your web page. Your call to action is there to remind your user of their need and that you are able to solve it.

2. Mobile responsiveness

In 2016 it was estimated that there are over two billion smartphone users worldwide. This means that, combined with Google’s latest algorithm, your website’s search rankings depend on whether or not your website is mobile responsive. A cramped desktop version will not make the cut; your website has to be as good on a mobile as it is on a desktop - if it isn't, your search engine rankings will be affected.To ensure your site is mobile friendly, it must have readable text, the webpage must fit within the size of the screen – with no horizontal scrolling - and there must be adequate spacing for your tap targets such as call to action buttons, forms, and navigation. 

3. Effective navigation

Your menu needs to be simple - if you have a complicated process from landing on your website to the end goal, your user will abandon their journey with you and visit a competitor. You need to make sure the user journey is as simple as possible. Colour, tabs, and easy to read copy will assist with this.

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