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6 ways you can monetise your website

6 ways you can monetise your website

Created on:

December 19, 2016
Philip Marklew


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If you use your small business website to showcase your products and services, and you attract traffic and, ultimately, revenue in this way, you might be thinking your website is doing its job. The truth, however, is that by limiting your focus, you could be missing out on other profit areas. 

Here are six ways in which your company website can make money for you:

1. Display advertising

A perfect way to make money from your site is to offer advertising space. You will need to create a media rate card for marketing departments and media buying agencies, which includes the following information, so they can get an idea of what they're getting for their money:

  • Number of visitors to your site
  • Number of impressions 
  • Average duration of each visit
  • Visitor demographics

2. Google AdSense

Google’s AdSense tool does the hard work for you. It places relevant ads on your site, earning you money every time a visitor clicks an ad. The ads are customisable so that they fit the style of your site.

3. Affiliate schemes

There are plenty of affiliate schemes that you can take advantage of. Amazon Associates is one of the biggest and here you can earn up to 10% commission from sales gained through referrals driven to Amazon via specially formatted links. It’s free and easy to join and you’ll receive a monthly cheque from any commissions you generate.

4. Expert help

Depending on the nature of your business, you could offer your expertise and charge people to log on for online events, for example, tele-classes and webinars. A good web design company will be able to set your site up with the appropriate functionality.

5. Deals with suppliers

You could also negotiate deals with your suppliers. For example, if you host a travel blog, agree a percentage each time a booking is made through your site. You could also offer an enhanced directory listing for all those suppliers who pay.

6. Please donate

A growing and popular innovation is to just ask your site visitors for a small donation in return for the information you’ve provided, as Wikipedia does. Use PayPal’s donate feature and add a donate button to your site.

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