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Why choose A Tiny Village

Founded in 2014, A Tiny Village was created to offer digital services specifically to small businesses and start ups. We had noticed that these businesses were left with very limited choice when it came to getting online with a website to promote their company. They could either spend loads of money hiring a large agency to create something that looked great and worked well or they could save money by going to other smaller agencies but ending up with a seriously sub-par website. We decided to bridge the gap with a service that was truly affordable but ensures that small business can get beautiful websites regardless of budget.

Meet Philip Marklew

Having worked in website design and development for 7 years both agency side and client side, I saw huge holes in what was being offered to smaller business in terms of quality and pricing. Determined to make a difference I created a unique website creation product that allows small businesses to get a bespoke, fully hosted and managed website at an affordable price.

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